Clean Tech equity Incentives

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Available Incentives

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Equity Incentives

Equity incentives are higher incentives that are available to residential customers who meet income thresholds. These higher incentives are available to qualified residential customers in both single family and multifamily homes. Commercial customers are not eligible.  

What makes a customer eligible for the TECH Clean California equity incentives? 

For single family homes (four dwelling units or less), the residents must have household income which is either of the following (whichever is less stringent): 

Please visit the TECH Heat Pump Water Heater Equity Incentives Verification Portal,, and enter your county and household size to see your personalized household income limit. 

For multifamily building owners – the incentive applicant will provide a copy of the deed restriction for the building. There is no action needed from tenants of multifamily buildings (five dwelling units or more). 

How is income verified?

Single family customers will need to have their income verified via the TECH online portal in order to qualify for the higher equity incentives. The income verification is free of charge. 

If you believe your household income is under the limit for your area and household size, and only once you have an agreement with a TECH-certified contractor to install a new heat pump water heater, please fill out an income verification application at You will need to provide the email address of the contractor you are working with. They will be sent a confirmation that you are eligible for the higher incentive amount, once confirmed, and will share that confirmation with the TECH Clean California team.  

What type of income documentation is accepted?

We can accept a wide variety of forms such as, tax filings, workers comp, child support, disability or unemployment, bank statements, etc. If you are enrolled in another program which has already verified your income eligibility, that confirmation can be uploaded to the income verification portal. These programs include: 

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